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Browse through Tata Zest Reviews by prominent Auto Experts in which they have shared their first-hand experience with the Zest. If you’ve been looking to buy a sedan that’s a perfect balance between stunning looks, best-in-class comfort and superior performance, Zest from Tata Motors is your answer. This Compact Sedan promises to zest up your life by powering you through the week and letting you ease through the weekend.

  • NDTV Auto

    The petrol is solid and a pleasant thing to drive. However, where Tata has scored the most is in throwing a list - a big one - of equipment into the Zest. There's a lot of engineering done on the car and it shows. It shows that Tata is walking the right path now and the future looks promising. Time to work on shedding the inhibition in peoples' minds about the brand image, then!

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  • Auto Junction

    After having spent the better part of a day in both the petrol and diesel Zest, I must admit I came away mighty impressed. Tata Motors has really moved the game forward from where it used to be, and the new Zest feels good enough to compete and hold its own against the worthy competition in its class.

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  • Car Dekho

    It must be said that the Zest is probably Tata's best and well coveted attempt to target most sought after compact sedan segment. It actually breaks away from what we Indians are used to seeing in Tata Motors product portfolio till date as this sedan brings forward the company's latest design philosophy and engineering to conquer competition.

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  • Motorbeam

    The company has taken a step in the right direction with the Zest, which not only looks attractive but among the best styled compact sedans available in India today

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  • Overdrive

    The infotainment system developed by Harman is a flush fitting unit with some unique features that definitely set the Zest apart from everything else in the segment

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  • Auto Car India

    The talking point of the Zest is the new Revotron engine. It's a 1.2-litre turbocharged, multi-point, fuel-injected petrol motor that makes 84bhp. The Revotron's USP is the meaty 14.3kgm of turbo-aided torque it makes right from 1750rpm, 11.2kgm of which is available right from 1,000rpm. So, you will have plenty of power to play with.

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  • Top Gear

    The Zest will surprise you with its overall driving dynamics. Acceleration in Sport mode is sharp with turbo kicking in at around 1800rpm and pulling cleanly till 6000rpm. The gearbox too is butter smooth with short and precise throws teamed with well-spaced out ratios to aid city and highway driving

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  • CarTrade

    We have all heard the classic hare and tortoise story. The bragging hare was taught a lesson by the steadily hard working tortoise. It might be a fictional episode but proved inspirational for Tata Motors.

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