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  • According to me what sets the Zest apart from other cars is its mileage. I own a Zest XMS which is powered by the 1.3L Quadrajet engine. It's just over 3 months old and it gives me a superb mileage of 25 kmpl! There couldn't be any other better combination of power and fuel efficiency like you get in the Zest! Really, kudos to Tata Motors for rolling out a car like Zest which provides such superior fuel economy!Rajesh Sawant, Zest Owner

  • Terrific looks! A few car drivers driving in front of me in a 4-lane highway slowed down their car to have a look at my Zest, and it gave me an amazing feeling that I am a "Zest owner". The car packs a punch with advanced 9th gen ABS with EBD and dual SRS airbags making it one of the most secure cars on Indian roads. Thanks Tata for introducing one of the best (Petrol) cars in the passenger car segment.Manoj Kumar, Zest Owner

  • The Tata Zest hits the right spots in terms of design, comfort, smooth driving experience and safety. Pushing performance envelopes, it is a cocoon of premium design, submerged in art. First impression of the Tata Zest? I could be in love. It definitely made me covet it. I can see why they’ve christened it “Zest” – it is energetic, zesty and exciting!Vidya Sury, Travel Diarist

  • I loved the ease of altering between the multi-drive modes Eco, City and Sport at just a click of a button. When I switched on to the passenger seat, it was even more spectacular. The passenger seat is spacious and comfortable with enough shoulder and leg room in both front and rear seats. Heena, Fashion Aficionado

  • The most heartening aspect of it all was that they have listened. Over 250 engineers worked across 3 years, changing nearly every aspect of what we knew of their cars, both within and without. Tata Motors have listened to the public and they have learned. They have retained some of their better bits and literally thrown out the rest and started from scratch. And the willingness to change has resulted in a class product in the Tata Zest. They know they have a quality product in their hands.Roshan, Culinary Scribbler

  • The Tata Zest is hard to dislike. The Tata’s definitely have a trump card up its sleeve with the diesel auto.Mansi Zaveri, Parenting Expert

  • Tata Motors does not disappoint here. True to their old tagline of 'More car to a car' these models also ensure that all occupants whatever their heights are comfortable whether they are sitting in the driver's seat or the passenger seat. Enough legroom and headroom for all, again leaving all competition behind! Deepak Amembal, Polaroid Master

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